Her MySpace Post About The Company
Her MySpace Post About The Company

"A few years back, there was this woman who was the secretary to my employer's vice president. Sometimes, she'd be asked to cover the President/CEO's secretary's position if she (CEO's secretary) was out sick. She also oversaw/managed the front receptionist and file room clerk positions. She thought she was over anyone who had the title of 'Administrative Assistant,' even if it was specifically for a particular department. Several times, she tried to get me to do something outside of my department when I had a million other things in my own department that I had to do. One time when I was doing something for her, my boss asked what I was doing. I explained to him, and he went off on the VP's secretary. She tried to say that the file clerk was busy with one thing, and the front desk receptionist was busy with another thing, but my immediate boss wouldn't hear of it.

After that, I never heard one peep out of her.

She apparently had been fussed at over something by the CEO or one of his daughters, who also work at the company (family-owned). She went to MySpace (back when it was popular) and posted a long rant about the CEO, his daughters, the CEO's secretary, the VP, and several other people. She posted about how things are handled by the company, and other stuff. She was friends with a few coworkers, and I think it was one of those coworkers who printed out the post and gave it to one of the daughters or the CEO. When I came into work, I found out she'd been fired.

It was a huge relief for a lot of us. She'd been nothing but a brat to a lot of people, thinking just because she oversaw the front desk and file room, she had power over all other administrative assistants/secretaries.

After she was fired, the IT manager took over the front desk and file room, but he kept it pretty much just front desk and file room. He never bothered me about doing something extra like making binders for a certification class to be taught there, or help set up for some outdoor event we were having (used to have one every year), or anything of that nature. The only time I've ever interacted with him was when it involved my computer or the department's printer."

How He Got Fired From Chipotle
How He Got Fired From Chipotle

"I am a former Chipotle manager here- as many of you know, Chipotle gives away free things on Halloween. So it's a mandatory weekend for everyone to work. Well, one of our employees called off that Thursday saying he had swine flu.

Of course, he posted pictures of his weekend partying on his Facebook - upon which he was friends with our kitchen manager, general manager, and district manager.

Per company policy (and common sense), you can't return to work from serious contagious stuff without a doctor's note. So he shows back up on Wednesday acting all fine and saying the doctor cleared him. Oh, but his mom threw his release note away. Too bad buddy, we need that stuff or you can't work. Since we didn't know when he would have it, we only gave him one day on the schedule anyway.

So then his mom calls me and asks why he can't work. I ask her if she went to a restaurant and found out a cook hadn't proven he was cleared from having swine flu, would she eat there? She saw my point. But it's not his fault she threw away the note! They were remodeling! I asked, why can't the doctor write a new one? Well, he went on vacation! Couldn't the receptionist get them something? She huffed and hung up on me.

The next day he puts on Facebook, 'Dear Chipotle and managers, instead of cutting hours on someone, why not grow the balls to fire them outright? Screw you!'

Pretty easy to let him go after that."

Comcast Twitter Drama!
Comcast Twitter Drama!

"Comcast fired me for a tweet I made.

Someone on my timeline posted an article about Comcast customer service. Someone replied to him saying, 'Wow, Comcast actually has customer service? lol!'

Working in customer service myself, I reply (from a personal account that is in no way connected with my job) with the tweet, 'Yup, we do. We complain about management as much as you do.'

Comcast did not like that. Despite me having zero personal details on Twitter, they somehow still figured out it was me. I realized after that I had GPS auto-locate on for my tweets, so I suppose they could have looked through that data to figure out where I lived.

They linked the account back to me and fired me for suggesting the employees are anything other than 100 percent happy all day at work. Seriously, that's almost what they said to me when they fired me. The best I can recall it was: 'You said the employees aren't happy. We can't have people suggesting the employees are in any way unhappy with management, it makes us look bad as a company. Comcast has worked extremely hard to get the reputation it currently has and things like this will make people see Comcast in a negative light, which is unacceptable.'

They also implied they're letting legal look at it to see if they have a libel case against me. It's been five months and I haven't heard anything from them, so I assume not.

The weirdest part was, the woman firing me seemed completely unaware the general public hates Comcast."

What He Uploaded On YouTube
What He Uploaded On YouTube

"Roughly 10 years ago, I worked in the loss prevention department in a large retail store. I originally got the job part-time to save up for a vacation but ended up enjoying it so much I stayed. I ended up working more hours, going full time, and then became the loss prevention manager for the store.

During this time, the retail chain was going through a lot of downsizing and I had managed to acquire the surveillance systems from stores that had been shuttered. After a year or so, I had amassed a large amount of surveillance equipment. Mostly Sensormatic SpeedDome 2000s and Pelco PTZs, grand totaling about 80 PTZ cameras.

At the time, and currently, as far as I can tell, retail stores typically have 10 PTZ cameras, with an additional 30 fixed cameras to watch customers and employees as they shop. My store had about 75 working PTZs and over 100 fixed cameras. We had to hire an electrician to add breakers for the camera Room to power the equipment.

The coverage was insane, there were few places in the store that couldn't be watched. Our shoplifter apprehension rate went through the roof, as well as our successful prosecution rate. After a year - 18 months the apprehension rate decreased and the loss numbers were showing that loss had gone from the $100,000 down to approximately $10,000

I got a nice bonus. I was able to hire additional employees. All was well.

Until I put a computer in the camera room and discovered YouTube.

It was a tradition in the office where I worked, passed down to me from many former employees to maintain and update a VHS cassette with our 'greatest hits.' Sometimes, rarely, when apprehending shoplifters, we would get into fights. Some of the fights were intense.

During my tenure at the store, I had several fights, which were gloriously documented from many angels from our updated surveillance system. Some highlights included a pimp and two streetwalkers v. me and another employee. Weaves were lost and bushes were destroyed. Another included a runner that was tackled as he exited the store. The tackle failed and the associate and the shoplifter stumbled into the street. The shoplifter ended up falling into the open rear window of a passing car. Three points! I was stabbed, and we had a video of that. I had chased my assailant to his car after he stabbed me. I broke his leg in the door of his car by jump kicking the door as he was getting in. All in glorious standard definition 480i.

I decided to upload all these 'hits' to YouTube. It was early in the days of YouTube, and the company's rulebook hadn't quite come up with a policy on how to handle this new media sharing. My channel became relatively popular and corporate eventually found out.

I was called by the District LP manager to attend a meeting with other LP managers. At the meeting, she brought up my YouTube channel and showed everyone the clips. We all had a good laugh. It was then, that I realized that my store's number and other information were watermarked on the videos. I don't know how I overlooked that. The DM asked me who I thought at my store was uploading these. I ended up outing myself to protect some other employees involved and was fired on the spot.

In retrospect, I should have denied all wrongdoing. The company was not at all equipped to handle this and if I had silently removed the channel, the problem would have gone away. On the other hand, I make good money at my new job and haven't been stabbed in 10 years."

"I Don't Have The GameStop Spirit"

"I worked at GameStop until 2010. The store was in a mall and parents would leave their kids in the store and go do their shopping. Sometimes the children would cry, sometimes they'd pee themselves. Parents would get mad at us for not bringing them to the bathroom or start screaming at their kids for not playing games for a few hours without causing any problems. I tweeted about how the store wasn't there to babysit children and never thought about that tweet again.

A few months later, the same thing happened. Parent drops the kid off in store, leaves. Well, 20 minutes later, an older looking guy is outside the store, on his flip phone, aiming it at the store. He's creeping me out but I continue offering pointless warranties to customers while waiting for my next break and then, I noticed him walk near the entrance of the store and ask that kid where his parents are. This seemed fishy and the guy looked beyond suspicious, I was thinking he could be a creeper, and I was right. He gets the kid to go with him, I call up mall security so they could check it out and they caught him before he left the mall.

He was arrested, the kid was crying, asking for his mom who mall security could not reach because as it turns out, she went to some stores outside of the mall area and she didn't actually come back for another two hours, at which point she threatened to sue me, GameStop, the mall, etc. The security guard told her that child services were called and they all walked away. That was the last time I saw them.

A few days later, the district manager (DM) shows up in store and I was fired on the spot because that lady made a complaint, DM found my Twitter and informed me that my approach to yesterday's dilemma and my tweet about how Gamestop isn't a babysitting service has made them believe that I don't have the 'Gamestop spirit.'

Both the manager and district manager told me I could use them as a reference on my resume though, which was great until they both lost their jobs a few weeks later."

He Was Just Trying To Be Honest!
He Was Just Trying To Be Honest!

"I worked customer support for a mobile game company. I was honest with a disheartened customer, who had complained that recent changes had made the game pay to win.

It had, in truth, been a glitch with an update. I told them as much, assuring them the team would be fixing it in the next update. But then the game's profits skyrocketed. The team kept the glitch and put out a statement describing the change as an intentional one designed to improve the play experience.

But there was my name, plastered all over the game forums, claiming the opposite. I technically worked for a separate company that provided support for several studios, but the studio behind this game was our biggest customer.

They approached my bosses, furious I jeopardized their cash cow and demanded I be fired. I promptly became familiar with the underside of the bus, as I was gone within the week."

The Frat Party Post
The Frat Party Post

"I was fired from a nightclub security job for posting on Facebook.

We provided our bar for a large frat party. This group had tried reserving space at a number of other bars in my city because of their over-the-top wild antics, but my owners decided to let them come because, well, money.

Flash forward to midnight. We had three tables and a couch that were all broken and two female staff were assaulted.

After I broke up a fight, I took one of the participants to the kitchen to help him get cleaned up. He was not the aggressor, but since he had a broken nose and was bleeding, we had to call an ambulance for him. Out of nowhere, he decides to spit a mouthful of blood into my mouth mid-conversation.

I had just had my wisdom teeth out, so I had open 'wounds' in my mouth. Needless to say, my owners and my boss urged me to go get tested for any diseases carried in the blood.

So, after the most horrible night experienced, a few of us posted about it on facebook. Our owners saw multiple postings, but apparently, mine was the only one to warrant termination."

Giving Away Movie Theater Secrets?
Giving Away Movie Theater Secrets?

"I worked in a cinema, and someone posted online, asking how to sneak in their 17-year-old girlfriend into a rated R movie. I suggested that the person with ID buy their ticket at the ticket office (red ticket), and the person without ID bought theirs at the automated ticket machine (blue ticket). Now the staff on the floor know to check ID for blue tickets because red tickets would be checked at the time of sale. So if they then swapped tickets so that the person without ID had the red ticket, and the person with the blue ticket had an ID, they should both be able to get in.

Long story short, a customer saw the post, and then emailed the franchise where I worked. Since my city only has two cinemas, and I had posts of my tattoos in my profile history, they figured out it was me.

I was asked to go to the office on Halloween night, made more enjoyable by the fact I was dressed as Han Solo with a Nerf.

I then had to go to a disciplinary meeting and was told the result of the investigation was that I would be fired.

The social media policy was shortly more strictly enforced."

His Boss Completely Overreacted!

Luis Molinero/Shutterstock

His Boss Completely Overreacted!

"I asked for an afternoon off because my best friend was having a cancer scare and he was going to the hospital for screening. I was open about why I wanted the time off, and my boss said I could take the time off, as long as I took it unpaid instead of using it as vacation time.

I went and met my friend at the hospital, but he was almost done, and since I was cleared for the day, I took him out for a drink like you do when someone thinks they have cancer. He checked us in on Facebook. I legitimately wasn't trying to hide anything. I wasn't trying to sneak around.

So my boss calls me in the next morning and has my Facebook up on his monitor. I was friends with a coworker, who had turned me in. I explained what had happened, and he still fired me on the spot. The aftermath was that when I filed for unemployment, we had to go to a hearing and explain the whole situation to a judge, who basically told him that he was insane."

Losing Five Employees In One Day?

Syda Productions/Shutterstock

Losing Five Employees In One Day?

"I once had to fire five employees all on the same day because of a social media post.

One of my employees, we'll call him Richard, came to me worried because he had heard that another employee, Joey, had his new shoes stolen from the employee break room and was worried since he had heard that another employee, Eric, had taken them. When I asked him why he blamed Erice, he hesitated and said that Eric had posted a picture of himself wearing the same shoes on Instagram the day that Joey's shoes went missing. Joey had come across the picture, and now Richard was worried that there would be a fight or argument because of how angry Joey was. I asked Richard to get me a copy of the photo, as I didn't want to speak to Eric without proof. He told me he didn't have an Instagram, so he wouldn't be able to show me the picture, but he knew Eric's username. He shared the username with me and I checked it out.

Sure enough, there he was wearing the exact shoes Joey had described, dated the same day they went missing. Now, this obviously isn't enough to be sure that he took them, but it was enough that I felt comfortable asking about it in an effort to get the shoes back. However, as I scrolled down a little another photo caught my eye - it was Eric and four more of my employees, looking wasted in the employee break room, with the bottle of something. They're obviously not allowed to drink on company property.

The craziest part was - Richard was in the picture drinking with them! This poor sap was trying to help prevent the other guys from fighting so he directed me towards the Instagram page not knowing since he didn't have one that there was something incriminating about him on there. Eric apparently hadn't told anyone that he had put it up. They were all working that night, so we had to pull them in, one directly after the other, for several hours straight, to fire them each. They all admitted to doing it and it was a huge pain losing all that stuff on the same day. Don't do stupid stuff and if you do, don't post it on the Internet."

The Terrible Woman's Cat?
The Terrible Woman's Cat?

"A post had gone viral about somebody who bragged on Facebook about beating her cat when it scratched her. Turned out it was in our jurisdiction, and thanks to the power of fanatical animal rights activists, we were given the abuser's full name, address, telephone number, and place of work.

Because she admitted to being scratched by the cat, we had the grounds to seize it so it could undergo a 10-day quarantine period. Meanwhile, she's being issued death threats galore by the aforementioned fanatical animal rights activists. In fact, they're going so far as to threaten her family members too, who were otherwise totally uninvolved in the case.

So what do I do once the cat's in our custody? I snap a picture of it while it's in its kennel back in the restricted quarantine area of the shelter, and I reply to one of the viral Facebook posts demanding action against the cat's owner with the picture, stating 'we have her now,' to ensure the fanatics that she's safe.

Well, that unexpectedly blew up all over the place and within the hour, a screenshot of my comment had gone viral too. So I took it down and hoped that would be that.

I had the next day off, but I got a phone call from a cop local to the city I worked in. 'Hi, is this (my name)?'


'Do you use the name (my Facebook pseudonym) on Facebook?'


Turns out the viral screenshot had made its way back to the cat's owner, and now she's threatening to sue me for slander and sue the shelter/city for letting the picture from a restricted area leak.

No lawsuits ended up being filed, but I called the shelter and gave them the heads up as to what happened. I was fired two days later.

I ended up suspending that Facebook account, which I had had since 2004 and started a new one. I was getting too many requests and notifications from the fanatics.

As a result of all that, I spent the next four months unemployed and without the option of earning unemployment money due to the circumstances which led to my being fired. I'm employed at another shelter now, though, closer to home. They know about what happened at the other place. My former supervisor even wrote a letter of recommendation, which helped me nab this job."

Ridiculous Policies At Zellers
Ridiculous Policies At Zellers

"Not me, but a friend of mine.

He and his girlfriend (at the time) both worked at Zellers. He worked as the head cook in the in-store restaurant, and she worked as a server/hostess.

After a few years of being together, they decided to get married. They announced their engagement proudly to everyone, and the branch manager of their Zellers gave them a massive discount on food and supplies for the wedding. The wedding preparation took nearly a year, but they pulled it off and had a great wedding.

When they went to return to work, however, my friend's wife was promptly dismissed because 'husbands and wives aren't allowed to work in the same department.' After months of lead-up to their wedding, the manager somehow forgot to inform the happy couple that getting married would mean one of them being let go.

So my friend posted on his Facebook. 'Zellers has a policy where a husband and wife may not work in the same department. Because they did not disclose this policy, my wife was fired. If you disagree with this policy, please contact Zellers at [phone number].'

The next day, he was fired as well."

Scarf Tuesday Posts?
Scarf Tuesday Posts?

"So here's a funny and quite immature story. I'll keep it short and sweet.

I worked for a place that has a gift shop. Inside of this gift shop were the ugliest, most unwearable scarves on the face of the planet. I was younger and didn't care about the company or any possible consequences.

I started a movement called 'Scarf Tuesday.' Basically, a few of us (on the clock) would meet up at 9 a.m. every Tuesday and wear a scarf for a photo on Facebook. These photos started getting likes and people loved them, so we kept going.

A few months later, I get pulled into my boss's office. On the wall, I kid you not, are at least 20 of the 'Scarf Tuesday' pictures WITH THE FACES BLURRED OUT. My boss asks me, to this day, the funniest question I've ever been asked:

'What do you see here?'

I smiled and told him it looked like employees wearing scarves.

He said he found it 'hilarious' but it was unacceptable and he was disappointed. Apparently, somebody watching the cameras wasn't happy and watched us for weeks compiling evidence. EVERYBODY (15 people at least) had similar meetings in the next few days.

I didn't get canned right away because we stopped doing 'Scarf Tuesday,' but the retaliation was awful and, eventually, I was blamed for just about everything that went wrong and was fired.

Looking back at it, it was foolish. I fell into a deep depression for a few months because of being unemployed. It helped me grow into a man and now I have a full-time managerial job making twice as much. I'll never regret it because it brought me on a path that led to a better life."

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