His Comment About Her Size Was Totally Uncalled For

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His Comment About Her Size Was Totally Uncalled For

"I was working at a clothing store and, because I was young and attractive, the manager had me work the men's section. One man was chatting me up and mentioned that he wanted something for his wife who was a size 2. I said, 'Great! I'm a size 2, too, so that should help.'

He looked me up and down, sneered, and said, 'You are not a size 2.'"

They Refused His Return, So He Wrecked Up The Place


They Refused His Return, So He Wrecked Up The Place

"I worked as a customer service supervisor at Best Buy 13 years ago. A guy tried to return a busted up car stereo head unit that he'd purchased six months ago. It was abused or had been physically damaged in an accident, plus he didn't buy the warranty. I told him that we couldn't do anything. He called me a homophobic slur and I said something like, 'I'm sorry we can't help you any further.' He got mad, threw a chair at me, missed, and told me he's going to violate me when I left the store. Then he stormed off."

She Was Always The Customer No One Wanted To Serve


She Was Always The Customer No One Wanted To Serve

"This lady, who was always a colossal pain, came in and wanted to buy her husband some video games. She held up Madden '07 and MLB 2K7 and asked, 'What is the difference between these two games?'

My response was, 'Madden is football and the other is baseball.'

Her face went sour and her nose scrunched in what I could only describe as a grown woman pooping her pants as she screamed, 'No, what is the difference between these two!' I guess my previous answer wasn't good enough because she stormed out."

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"Teen Night" Was Always A Huge Headache

"Back in high school, I was a big shot manager at the local roller skating rink. On Saturdays, we had a 5-7:30 'family session' that was cheap and tailored to younger kids. After that ended, we would close down for 30 minutes, clean up and re-open for the 8pm-12am 'teen night' which was more expensive and basically a 'club atmosphere.'

As was common, we'd usually get some teens coming in to pay the $2 'family night' admission and then they'd try to hide in the bathrooms or in the back to avoid the 'teen night' admission surcharge. Since we had an off duty uniformed police officer, these situations usually handled themselves. One night, I caught a couple kids hiding in the back and escorted them out.

Their mother showed up about 30 minutes later, demanding to speak with me, yelling and cursing at other employees in the process. I called her over to the window and told her why her sons would have to pay. She said she didn't know, etc. I told her I'd take 50% off the teen admission, but that we told every single person who paid during family night that it ended, and the next session was more.

She lost her mind and grabbed me by the collar of my shirt, then she straight up spit in my face.

The smell made me gag and some of it had gotten in my eyes and my mouth. The cop came over and put her in cuffs while I went to the bathroom to wash my face off. I could have pressed charges for assault on her, but didn't really need to. The cop ran her name, she had violated her probation and was going to jail anyway. He left to take her to jail and her sons (about 14) just glared at me from outside the rink. Some guy came and picked them up later and when we left that night, I thought I was going to get shot. This is when I learned my job was not worth the $10 an hour I thought was amazing pay."

She Was So Certain She Was Supposed To Get Her Computer From There

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She Was So Certain She Was Supposed To Get Her Computer From There

"I worked at Staples as a tech. It was the Monday after Black Friday.

A customer came in and said they were there to pick up their computer. I asked for a name and it didn't sound familiar, but I checked anyway. Only seven computers were eligible for pickup, but nothing was under her name. Long story short, she did not have a computer with us at all.

Commence the screaming.

She went from 'sour lemon face' to full out, red-faced screaming about how terrible we were. Spittle hit my face and her breath was god awful.

After about an hour of off and on screaming, she realized that it was Best Buy, not Staples, that had her computer.

It was probably the worst day of my life, but revenge was mine.

We received a 0.0 on a secret shopper report a few weeks later. The store manager pulled the report I signed after the incident and compared the notes to the secret shopper report. She was the secret shopper. Since our tech stuff is filmed with a high-resolution camera, we sent everything to the corporate office and received an amended report (perfect score) and I got a $500 Staples cash card."

She Thought She Was Important Enough To Have Staff Shop For Her Via The Drive Thru

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She Thought She Was Important Enough To Have Staff Shop For Her Via The Drive Thru

"I was an assistant manager at Walgreens for a few years. The worst was this lady that came through the pharmacy drive-thru and was mad because we wouldn't go and retrieve milk and some other items and for her and sell them in the drive-thru. She wasn't disabled or anything, just lazy. Pharm techs called me to handle it. I was calm and respectful, but I told her no at least 10 times. We can't sell stuff through the pharmacy drive-thru like that. She left in a huge huff.

A few days later, the district manager came by and said this lady complained I 'cussed her out' in the drive-thru and said things that I didn't actually say. She demanded I get fired.

So, I looked her address up on the pharmacy computer and then got about 200 magazine subscription postcards from the magazine racks over the next week or two. I printed up some labels and voila! Enjoy your new magazines."

When A Customer Is This Wrong, It's Best To Just Leave Them Be

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When A Customer Is This Wrong, It's Best To Just Leave Them Be

"I used to work at a skating rink. Part of my job was renting skates. One day, a customer came up to me holding his skates. He said they were too small and he needed to exchange them. No big deal, common problem. I took the skates from him and saw they were a size nine, so I went and grabbed tens. 'Here, try these.'

He glanced at the skates and threw them back down on the counter. 'What are you, stupid? I said they were too small!'

'Er, yes, and those are a size up. Do you think you need a size 11? I can get those for you.'

'What? No, you effing moron, 10 isn't bigger than nine.'

I gave him an eight and decided it was a good time to take my break."

He Cornered Her With His Strange, Creepy Requests


He Cornered Her With His Strange, Creepy Requests

"When I was about 16 and working in the store alone, a middle-aged man came in and told me all about how he just bought a farm with plenty of space but had no wife or kids to help out with things. He then proceeded to ask if I wanted to 'go out the back for a quickie,' as I had an 'ideal figure' and looked the type to do 'that sort of thing.'

This conversation went for about an hour until my manager came in and the guy finally left the store."

He Just Would Not Stop Going On About Her Name And Her Father

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He Just Would Not Stop Going On About Her Name And Her Father

"My name is Allyson, and I used to work at a Target. This couple once came through my line; they were probably both in their 60's. The woman stood silent the whole time while this conversation took place. The husband said, 'So, I see your name is Allyson.'

'Yup. Always has been.' I was just trying to joke with him.

'So, what? Did you dad want a son, but got a daughter, so they just put Ally in front of it?'

At this point, I was so flabbergasted by this, so in order to shut him up, I said, 'No, my dad didn't want any boys.'

'Well, that's too bad. With a son, he'd only have to worry about one guy, but now that he has a daughter, he has to worry about all of the guys.'

I was so livid. I had to step off the floor after I helped that guy. I went into the break room and cried for 10 minutes because I was so mad. Never in my life have I had anyone speak to me like that before. It's comical to look back on now, but at the time, I could have punched that guy in his face and not cared if I lost my job."

He Was Doing His Best To Help The Guy Out, Then The Guy Had To Go And Ruin Their Good Vibes

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He Was Doing His Best To Help The Guy Out, Then The Guy Had To Go And Ruin Their Good Vibes

"I worked at Home Depot. A customer came by one day and asked me to help him find the right caulk for a project. While I was digging through the shelves trying to find the right thing for him, we were making small talk. He asked me if I was in school. I told him yes and named the community college I was attending. His response, 'What? Couldn't get into a real school?' Then he started going on about how his daughter went there and what a waste of time it was for her. I handed him the first thing on the shelf that sounded like what he needed and walked away while he asked, 'Oh, sorry. Did I offend you?'"

She Couldn't Return The Goggles How She Wanted, So She Devised A Method Of Her Own

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She Couldn't Return The Goggles How She Wanted, So She Devised A Method Of Her Own

"I worked in the retail store at Killington Ski Resort. We had a strict no-returns policy on ski goggles. This was because people who often left their goggles in their hotel rooms would just buy a pair, use them for the day, and then try to return them. We weren't renting goggles, we were selling them. Anyway, a customer tried to return a pair of goggles she had used for the day. After I told her about our policy, she started screaming and throwing a fit. I told her I was sorry, but that I couldn't budge. Once she heard this, she took the goggles and chucked them at me, all baseball-pitcher like. They hit me square in the face, breaking my nose and causing blood to pour from my nose like a faucet. She ran out and that was that."

His Dogs Would Mess In The Store And He Couldn't Care Less

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His Dogs Would Mess In The Store And He Couldn't Care Less

"I used to be a lead cashier at PetSmart. There was this guy that would bring his two dogs (who were about 100lbs each) in once a week. He wouldn't buy anything, he would just walk his dogs around the store and let them mark everything. He wouldn't clean it up. He'd just walk in, take a 15-minute loop around the store, then leave. Finally one day, I got fed up and stopped him on the way out. I offered him two rolls of paper towels. I didn't ask if he'd clean it up, I just said, 'Here, take these for the mess.' He stopped, looked at me, laughed in my face, and left. I also had the usual cashier things, like people holding up a finger to tell me to be quiet while they were on their cell phone, being angry their coupon had expired, that kind of thing."

The White Trash Ladies Strike Again


The White Trash Ladies Strike Again

"I used to work at Dollar General in Indiana a few years back. I lived in a small town, so I saw the same customers all the time. After a few months, it became rare to see a customer that I didn't know.

There were these two women, total white trash. They always came in together. They wore the most obnoxious, revealing clothing despite the fact that they both were overweight. Bright lipstick, bright eyeshadow, obviously fake nails. It was disgusting.

So they came in and bought a $50 prepaid phone card, which was something they did every month. So it's not like this is a new concept to them. I rang her up and said, 'That'll be $53.50.'

'What do you mean? It's a $50 card; it should cost $50.'

'The card does cost that, but there's also sales tax.'

'What? They don't charge us sales tax at the Wal Mart!'

I tried to explain to them that everything except for unprocessed food is subject to sales tax, even their phone cards. Even if I agreed with them and wanted to remove the sales tax, I couldn't because my register doesn't have a 'remove sales tax' button. After a few minutes of them whining back and forth to one another, I buzzed my manager. She explained the same thing to them.

They eventually left the store, shouting things like, 'Eff you! This is the worst service I've ever received! I'm filing a complaint and never coming back!'

Of course, they were back the following week for their cheap plastic face paints."

She Thought She Was The Only One In That Section


She Thought She Was The Only One In That Section

"I had someone come up behind me while I was stocking shelves and grab me abruptly by the arm.

It scared the crap out of me because the only other person I was working with was in the back room. I thought I was about to be carried out of the store over someone's shoulder and sold into slavery.

It was just some middle-aged woman who proceeded to start making small jabs in the form of questions at the fact that I have a few tattoos on my arms. I lightly jerked my arm back and asked her as politely as I could, to at least ask if she really feels the need to touch me. She also exaggerated her facial expressions to make sure I knew just how much she disapproved of what I had done to myself."

Grocery Store Cashiers Always Get It The Worst


Grocery Store Cashiers Always Get It The Worst

"I used to be a cashier at Kroger. I once got cursed out and had a complaint filed against me by a customer who blamed me for not reminding her to give me her coupons.

As if I knew she had coupons.

Needless to say, my manager thought it was ridiculous and he shredded the complaint form without writing me up.

Another time, a woman threw a fit when I reminded her to scan her Kroger card after I scanned all her groceries. It doesn't matter when you scan the card, it applies all the discounts at the end. Despite me explaining this, she shouted for a manager and demanded that I re-scan all her groceries 'correctly.' We were busy at the moment and the manager wasn't going to allow her to waste their time by making them void her order and un-bag all of her groceries all so I could scan them again. She threatened to sue and they said she was welcome to just that. She spent 45 minutes by the exit reading her receipt and glaring at me.

I was once working as a bagger, and a woman tried to buy a package of fresh hamburger buns that didn't have a barcode on them. I ran to do a price-check and simply picked up another identical package of buns, handing the unlabeled pack back to the bakery so they could put a barcode on it. When I returned, she was upset that I had gotten a different package of (identical) buns and insisted that they were smashed. I offered to go back and get her the original pack, but she refused. On her way out, she grumbled at me, 'I'll think of you when I eat my smashed buns.'"

People Think They Can Just Talk To Workers However They Please

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People Think They Can Just Talk To Workers However They Please

"I was a cashier at Meijer (a big grocery/department store) during college. One time, an old man and his 9-year-old grandson came through my line. They checked out. I moved on to the next customer and the old man came back. He yelled, 'Where did you put my grandson?' and slammed his fists on the bagging carousel. I was confused, so I just stared. Everyone looked at me. I turned bright red. He found the kid by the claw machine on his way out.

Another time, an old man came through my line and was nice, but after he checked out, he sat on the ledge against a window and stared at me for 20 minutes as I worked. I was creeped out, but not terrified. It wasn't until security came and escorted him away that I realized he was touching himself.

Last one. When produce is marked down, the department is supposed to tape a reduced price barcode over the original so when a cashier is quickly scanning, the old price won't accidentally read. A lady came through with strawberries that had been marked down five cents (which was dumb, but whatever). I scanned the barcode, but the old one wasn't covered well and it rang the wrong price. I totaled the lady out and she paid. About five minutes later, she walked up to me while I was assisting another customer and she was irate. Yelling, screaming, slamming things on the counter, shoving the other customers out of her way, all the while demanding I give her back her money. Unfortunately, at least when I worked there, Meijer didn't have 'at-register' returns. I told her how sorry I was, but she would have to go to customer service. She refused. She wouldn't move. I tried to call a manager and she yelled and said a manager would take too long and that I had to fix it. I was silent and embarrassed, but she wouldn't stop screaming. Then the name-calling started. When she finally called me a 'made-up tramp and you've obviously been around the block a few times,' I put my hand up in her face, reached into my pocket, and shoved a dollar bill into her hand. I turned off my light, ran into the bathroom, and cried like a child."

She Absolutely Insisted On Paying Him In
She Absolutely Insisted On Paying Him In "Exact" Change

"A woman came through the checkout line at my department store with her daughter. The woman was probably in her mid-30s, the daughter was in her early teens. They were buying a bunch of clothes, a few grandma-y home decor pieces, the usual. We were busy, and they had 'the look,' so I was trying to get them out of here as quickly as possible. That seemed fine to them, as they had ignored me thus far and were too busy looking bored on their phones to acknowledge my existence.

I can't remember her exact total, but it was something like $61.78. I saw her going into her wallet and knew she was going to pay in cash. What's more, she's decided that she was going to give me exact change. On a busy day. This never turns out well.

So she handed me three 20s and a dollar. Ok, cool. Now she's digging through her coin pouch. She turned to her daughter to solicit coins from her because she didn't think she had enough, but she was now determined to give me exact change. So the mom scrounges money from daughter and handed it to me in a big pile. It's not three quarters and three pennies. No, that would be too easy. So I sifted through the pile of a couple quarters, nickles, dimes, and pennies, and discovered that she handed me 93 cents.

She handed me the wrong amount of money. I knew this was going to get ugly, but I had no choice but to plow forward. 'Are you sure you want to give me this much?' I asked, quite politely. 'You only need to give me 78 cents.'

'Yes,' she snapped. 'I need to get rid of the change.'

Ok, fine. Have it your way, lady. So I punched in the amount into the register and, of course, it spit back to hand her some money back. So I popped open my drawer and started to sift out 15 cents to hand back to her. Now, of course, she's confused. 'Why are you handing me money?' She said. 'Didn't I give you exact change?'

'No, ma'am, you gave me 15 cents extra.'

'Oh for goodness sake,' she snapped again. She reached over the counter, pried the money out of my hand, then reached into her wallet for another dollar. She then hands me another dollar and three quarters. 'There, you do that and give me 42.'

What? She is making zero sense to me. 'Excuse me?'

'You take that, and give me 42 back.' She finally huffs a sigh and reaches forward, grabs the three quarters, again, prying them right out of my hand. 'Ok,' she said, 'Clearly this is too much for you, so I'm not going to bother. Nobody knows how to do change anymore. No wonder you're working here instead of in school. They don't take the mentally disabled at college. Just effing forget it. Keep the effing change. Jesus Christ. Unbelievable.' With that, she left me with $62, grabbed her bags, and stormed out. Her absorbed-in-her-iPhone daughter trailed after her, glancing at me in confusion but saying nothing. The next customer who walked up looked after her as they left and then looked at me. She couldn't believe it either."

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