Nope, Nope, Nope


Nope, Nope, Nope

"After driving for 10 hours, my husband and I stopped for the night at a motel in South Carolina (dump called 'South of the Border'). The hotel door wouldn't close unless you slammed it with all of your strength. The water coming out of the faucets was brown. The towels and washcloths were frayed and had blood stains on them. We went to bed anyway because we were exhausted and just needed to sleep, but we started itching like crazy in the bed. Bugs. We tried to report it to the front desk, but they didn't care, so we gathered our things and left in the middle of the night.

I tried contacting the management and the head office, but they just e-mailed us back and told us, basically, that it was our loss and not to expect any compensation or even an apology."

One Creepy Motel

Dean Drobot/

One Creepy Motel

"I was on a road trip from Massachusetts to Ohio when we crashed at a budget place for the night somewhere close to Syracuse. We had agreed to keep it cheap while on the road so hey, the budget place seemed like a good idea. The room itself was alright, can't complain when you want to stay on budget. After further inspection, we found what appeared to be quite a big dry almost crispy brownish - dark red stain on the carpet in a corner of the room next to the drawer. We all agreed that the previous tenant probably dropped a glass of jam on the floor, ya know, for our sanity's sake. The same night, there's a knock on our door at around 1 am followed by someone trying to open the door (thank god for chain locks). A man shielding his face with his right hand mumbled that he must've gotten the wrong room and hurried off. Then later we woke to faint drilling noises emanating from somewhere within the building at 3 am, so yeah, that whole experience made for an excellent conversation/speculation topic the next day to kill time on the road"

Waking Up To Spiders Crawling On Everything!

Orapin Joyphuem/

Waking Up To Spiders Crawling On Everything!

"To this day mine has inspired one of my largest fears. Essentially my brother used to play basketball around the province, so we'd travel a lot and stay at different hotels, motels, holiday inns, etc. Most of them were fine, except for what well call Dump Inn. Dump Inn went as follows: Check-in - The guy behind the counter, we'll call 'Grease Stain,' was reading a newspaper, and made us wait about ten minutes before he came over to help. When he did he asked many personal questions of my mother like 'What're your shower habits?' Finally, Grease Stain stopped the questions and gave us a bent key. This key did not work, so we had to get the spare from Grease Stain, who looked far too sad when giving up the spare. The room - had dog scratches on the door, was generally unkept, the blanket was on the floor, the bed was slanted on the wall, and the room had that bad grassy mildew and mold smell. Thankfully this would be only one night, but little did I know that it would stay with me for the rest of my life. We ended up asking Grease Stain about the room, why it was in that condition, and he gave us some nonsense about a 'maids strike.' Ugh. Then, The Night to End All Nights - it was late, and I was attempting to sleep. I took the couch so my mother could have the bed. In the middle of the night, I get itchy. I scratch my chest, sides and shoulders, just like the itch you'd get in a quiet room barefoot on a scratchy carpet. I tried to put it out of my head and get back to sleep. Oh how little I knew. As the itch proceeded I decided to go to the washroom, see if I had a rash. As I turned on the lights, I saw them. The spiders. The tiny little spiders crawling over and under my shirt. I tossed my clothes off and saw them, had to be a few dozen just crawling all over me. I screamed louder than I'd ever screamed. My mom turned on the lights, and she began to yell. I ran out, and it was like a nesting ground. Just spiders everywhere, all these small black spiders just skittering around the room. I tried to brush them off to no avail. For every one I killed, two crawled from my hair. I could see them climbing out of the dark of the couch. Everywhere you looked there were spiders. Me and my mother grabbed our stuff and split. We ended up staying in another hotel with my brother and his team, but now I've got a crippling fear of spiders; I can't look at them without going into a panic attack."

A Revolving Cast Of Employees Is Just Freaky


A Revolving Cast Of Employees Is Just Freaky

"Tyler, TX - Mid '90s

I was traveling a lot for work. Over 4 years, I averaged 2 round trips per week. I never cared about getting into a quality hotel, just not a dump. This trip is more involved than average, so I'm there for 2 nights.

I got in on a late flight and to the hotel about 11 pm. There was only 1 other car in the parking lot - that should have been a sign. It was obviously an older building, but I've been in older. I check in as usual and drop my bags in the room. A quick look shows some cracks in the bathroom tile and sink - nothing functionally bad. The carpet is cheap and stiff - not crunchy though. The TV gets 1 channel - it was either weather or in Spanish.

Hungry, I stop at the desk to ask for a recommendation. Not only is is not the same person that checked me in 10 minutes ago, they don't know of any restaurants in the area. I go find something on my own. As I walk past the desk on my way back an hour later, it's another new person behind the desk greeting me; still the same one other car in the lot.

At 3 am, there's a pounding on my door. It's a deputy with what appears to be another new person from the front desk (turnover can't be that high, can it?) hovering behind the cop. The deputy is here to evict me. According to the desk guy, I owe rent for a couple weeks and he wants me out 'NOW!' He hands the deputy a clipboard with the paperwork. Half asleep and reading upside down, I say 'That paperwork is for room 301, this is room 103, I assume we're done here.' The deputy apologizes (not the desk jockey, though) and I shut the door and go back to sleep.

I go to the client site the next day and pass yet another new person behind the desk. I opt out of the 'breakfast' offered. Another vendor onsite offers to buy dinner, so I head to the hotel for a quick shower. My stuff is gone. All I left was an overnight bag since I travel light and took my laptop to work. I talk to the new guy at the desk (I seriously never saw the same person twice). He checks the computer and says I was only checked in for one night. We sort out that error and he makes a couple phone calls. Apparently, the maid locked my bag in the maids closet and I have to wait because she has the only key. An hour later, he gets a phone call and goes to get my bag for me. I strongly suspect someone took it home hoping something of value was in it.

After a quick shower, I meet the vendor for dinner and tell the whole story of the hotel so far. He says there's plenty of room in the Holiday Inn across town he's in, but I feel like I have to stay through the end - I get the feeling there has to be a punch line at the end of this joke of a hotel. On the way back to the hotel, I had the idea that I was going to see a crane with a wrecking ball in the parking lot when I woke up - just a random thought.

After a relatively uneventful night (some noisy people in the halls is all), I check out. There's a new, handwritten sign at the desk stating 'NO REFUNDS'. After I sign my receipt, I point to it and say, 'I'm getting every penny back.' The new, new guy at the desk says something about a policy that I interrupt with, 'I'll get it from corporate, easily.' I get to my rental car and there are 3 bullet holes in the rear driver's side door.

On the flight home, I type up an email summary to my travel coordinator. I try to keep it on the humorous side and include all the relevant details. At the end, I request never to be booked in this hotel chain again and recommend the company be dropped from preferred vendor status. She forwards the email to the corporate headquarters and CC's my manager. The chain is pretty much blacklisted by the company and the email makes the rounds through the company for the humor.

A week later, I get a refund check from the chain. It's hand written and includes a stack of coupons for free stays at any of their locations. I cashed the check and returned the coupons with a note stating that I have no use for them since I will sleep in my car before I stay at another on of those."

A Surprise Visitor In The Night


A Surprise Visitor In The Night

"I was backpacking through Australia, staying in the most budget hostels around. After sharing a room with 23 other people for a week, I decided to splurge on a motel.

I was woken up at 3 in the morning by someone banging on my door. I opened it to find an extremely intoxicated British chick. She pushed past me, walked into the room, crouched down, and urinated in the middle of the floor. Then she passed out in the now-formed small puddle of her own urine - that was a weird night."

So Much Terror In A Span Of About An Hour


So Much Terror In A Span Of About An Hour

"I planned a trip once and looked into motels/hotels about 30 minutes outside the city.

The pictures on the website all looked nice. Rooms looked good for what I needed and with a free breakfast, what could go wrong? It was $100 a night, seemed reasonable.

So I get there and in the large hotel parking lot there are only about 2-3 cars outside.

I go in and it takes roughly 15 minutes for someone to meet me at the front desk. I check in and start off to my room. The elevator door opens and boom, dark hallway, no lights.

I was like 'wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut?' It was being renovated or something, and you had to walk through the renovation to get to your room.

I get to my room and it's roughly about half the size I thought it was. I go to the bathroom because I want to shower after a long road trip. I turn on the water and the cold water doesn't work. I turn on the hot water, and it never gets hot, it just stays cold.

At this point, I'm getting really frustrated cause I'm paying $100 for this experience. I'm so tired that I say forget it and try to take a nap. I go to sit on the bed and something moves. I don't know what it is at this point, but I know I saw something small move.

I lift the pillow and...........spider nest. WTF

I immediately pack my stuff back up and again walk through the renovation to the elevator. I press the lobby button, the doors shut, guessed it, elevator gets stuck. Now I'm trapped, and after about 3 minutes in there, the lights also go out.

I pull my cellphone out and try calling the main desk. It takes 4 calls before they pick up. They say they'll send someone. After 2 hours, finally someone gets the elevator working and I'm let out.

After I get to the front desk and get my refund, I storm out of the place and toward my car. On the way, I trip on one of those long concrete barriers at the front of parking spots, and promptly break my wrist."

A Man Is Caught In A Shootout!


A Man Is Caught In A Shootout!

"Stayed at a hotel a few years back in Acapulco. I love this hotel. Cheap, clean, comfortable. Staff is friendly, and service is really good. Has a great view of the ocean, and a really laid back pool area. So what went wrong? I will let USA Today do the talking...

'It was a shootout straight from Hollywood in the former playground of its biggest stars: Outlaws holed up in a hillside mansion fought heavily armed Mexican soldiers with a rain of gunfire and grenades that had tourists cowering in hotels nearby. Roughly 3,000 shots and 50 explosions marked the four-hour battle late Saturday that left 16 gunmen and two soldiers dead. Nine other people were wounded, including three bystanders.'

So that was probably my worst experience. Ranks up there with another hotel I stayed at that had a rather unappreciated amenity: Tarantulas."

A Trip To Indonesia Is A Total Disaster In Every Way

Monkey Business Images/

A Trip To Indonesia Is A Total Disaster In Every Way

"A coffee plantation and spa in Indonesia. This place was extremely expensive, but in the end, it was a disaster. My entire family went to the spa for a few days (we had never spent so much in our lives) and experienced the full terror of this Indonesian Resort.

There were personal baths in each room. Nice right? Think again. The baths were unhygienic, and eventually, my father got a bladder infection. Then, we ate their food and their 'fresh' prawns. My father then got food poisoning. After all this, we decided to leave for Jakarta before catching a flight out, so we let the hotel escort drive us to the as it is a couple of hours away.

My father was already very sick. He had a high fever, a bladder infection, and food poisoning. We were planning to bring him to a doctor as soon as we arrived in Jakarta, but something happened, of course. The driver misheard the hotel's directions (which were correct, we confirmed this later) and brought us to Surabaya. Wanna guess where Surabaya is? Well, it's definitely not Jakarta. And not the airport.

So we return to the resort and tell them of our woes. They give us a terrible room and allow us to stay another day, but they've already done their worst. We're forty hours behind schedule and have missed two connection flights.

When my father got back to Jakarta, he was urinating blood and in a terrible state. We had to stay there for a few days in order to help him, so yeah, that was a terrible hotel experience."

The Mini Fridge Incident
The Mini Fridge Incident

"Undoubtedly the mini fridge incident.

My family had gone to Florida for vacation and were staying in a cheap but relatively nice hotel. After the first three days we noticed they had a mini fridge in the room, so naturally, my brother looks inside. Some sick joker before us had opened two of the soda cans in the fridge and half drank both of them, then placed them back in the fridge upside down. After a few days, what seemed like the hotel's entire ant population had swarmed inside the fridge through god knows where. When my brother opened it, so many came pouring out that it may have looked like a minuscule interpretation of the Killer Ant scene from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The fridge was promptly shut, and after my brother's quick shower, we decided we didn't want to stay in the hotel after that night."

The Film Crew In The Next Room Is Making An Interesting Movie

Amir Kaljikovic/

The Film Crew In The Next Room Is Making An Interesting Movie

"We needed a place to stay just one night after attending a concert an hour or so away from home. It only needed to be a simple place to stay, but I found a cheap little place with a spa in the room and thought it would be fun to use the opportunity for a bit of romantic night away. We arrived before the gig and found the place painted a cheesy shade of pink, and the layout of the room was like a shady drive-in motel: stained carpet and plastic furniture. The toilet broke two seconds after arriving and we had to call maintenance to fix it. We left for the gig, laughing at what a dodgy place we'd found ourselves in. Later in the night, we arrived back at the hotel a little tipsy and ready for some fun in the spa. As soon as we entered the bathroom we were hit with the unmistakable sound of loud, obnoxious romping thumping through the walls. It pounded through the room and we giggled at the raunchiness of it, and when it stopped suddenly we panicked a little that they'd heard us. But we just heard chatting coming from the room next door, then five seconds later, moaning and screaming, then suddenly again regular conversation. These guys were going from all out craziness to polite conversation in seconds. Eventually, we realized: they were making adult movies. This ebb and flow of screaming and chit chat continued for HOURS, constantly, until they finally packed up all their equipment in a van at about 4 am and went home, after 7 hours of 'hard' work.

I better recognise that room one day."

It Was In Australia...
It Was In Australia...

"I distinctly remember being around 7-8 years old and visiting a really beautiful part of Northern Australia with my family.

Me, my parents, and two siblings were staying in a little cabin, it looked pretty standard, whatever.

As we were initially walking up to the cabin, after picking up the keys and stuff, this little boy around my age walks past me and said to his mum 'They're staying in the one with the bugs'. I remember thinking he was a weirdo, little did I know...

Fast forward a few hours, the sun is gone (it gets particularly dark in the outback), so we switch on the lights in the cabin and hang out. After about 5 minutes of having the lights on, our ENTIRE CABIN is full of bugs! They were EVERYWHERE! They weren't even those annoying little fly-type bugs that hang around lights, they were like every kind of bug I've ever seen/heard of, and massive ones too.

They were on our food, in our hair, in our bags, in the shower, all over the floor and in our beds.

We spent the whole night trying to swat them away, spraying them with repellant, and being just generally grossed out and miserable. The next morning there were no bugs anywhere, not even little bug corpses from us killing them. Needless to say, we switched cabins the next night and had a much better time."

A Surprise Behind Door #1!


A Surprise Behind Door #1!

"I moved to Australia in 2011 and was living in a former motel turned rental rooms situation. After the first week of staying there, I discovered that there was a door that was locked in my room, I was puzzled, but wanted to open it regardless. The next day, a few friends of mine from the high school I was going to had come over. My friend Josh saw the door and wanted to know what it was, I didn't know, so he suggested we should open it. I obliged and told him to try for himself. He walked up to the door, slid his library card through the gap and it clicked open...


I got up from the couch walked over to him and could not believe it...

Illegal substances.

Plants, bags, and lights all meticulously laid out in this tiny 3x2 room that was the empty space between the 'newly' restored bathroom and the original wall (so basically inside the wall) and these lights were all on and these plants were healthy and growing perfectly.

We stayed in the room a little while unable to believe what we had found, we didn't know whether or not to inform the police or not. We walked to the end of the small, cramped room only to find there was another door, similarly shaped in size to the one that was in my room, which, after doing some calculations, would open up into the owner's residence."

The Worst Wake Up Call

Sergey Peterman/

The Worst Wake Up Call

"Driving cross-country from Wisconsin to Florida. Three o'clock in the morning, we've been on the road for hours, and neither of us can keep our eyes open anymore. We agree we have to stop at the next hotel, motel, Holiday Inn...anything.

Shortly we come upon an exit with a hotel. It's easy to tell this because its name is just 'Hotel.'

We go in, and it looks pretty shady, but it's late and we're exhausted, so we get a room from the fellow behind the desk. We only need a few hours sleep, so we request a wakeup call.

Opening the door to our room, we see that it's definitely shady, as everything in the room has been bolted and/or chained to the walls or floor.

At least, everything had been, because it's all gone now. The television, the mirror, the fridge, the end tables, the phone...they've all been stolen, and judging by the conditions left behind, usually, a good amount of force was employed.

We pile our bags between the two beds and both sleep with knives under our pillows.

As I drift off to sleep, my exhaustion-fogged brain catches onto an important detail I had missed earlier: how are they going to leave a wakeup call when we don't have a phone?


Scammed Into A Terrible Hotel

Antonio Guillem/

Scammed Into A Terrible Hotel

"This one is more embarrassing than anything--family and I arrive in Hanoi (Vietnam) and grab a taxi from the airport. We already have a hotel picked out, and tell the taxi driver to take us there. We pull up out front and we see a guy come from what we thought was the hotel to tell us that they're fully booked, but they have a sister hotel right around the corner. We say whatever, it's late, take us, and end up staying in a crappy hotel (bad plumbing, dimly lit, smelled weird) for a couple days before we wise up and realize that we'd been scammed. We went back to stay at the first hotel, which was very nice and gorged ourselves on baguettes the whole time. Man, I miss those baguettes."

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