A Drifter Is Worried About Aliens
A Drifter Is Worried About Aliens

"Went to an abandoned hospital. there was a large square staircase spiraling up to the roof on the outside of the building, locked steel door at the bottom so the only way up was to climb on the outside up to the first landing. my buddy boosts me up, I climb over, and there's a sleeping bag with a steak knife next to it on the landing. I call down, 'uh, we're definitely not alone here, dude.'

'No, but it's cool,' says a voice behind me, scaring the shit out of me and causing me to jump and whirl around. there's a young dirty homeless-looking guy standing there, coming down the stairs from above, hands up palms out. 'Didn't mean to scare you.' He takes a seat on the stairs, so I carefully step on the handle of the steak knife, lean over the edge, and pull my friend up.

We had planned to sit on the roof and drink beer, so we offer the homeless guy a beer, which he gratefully accepts, and we shoot the shit on the landing for a while. we're talking about the city, the cops, traveling, life in general. He's basically a drifter, been in town for a week or so, but a nice guy. things are going pretty well when he asks, 'you guys are human, right?'

'I hate it when I meet people that end up being aliens, and you never know until you peel their skin off. they've been after me a long time, you know, they don't stop, they never stop. sometimes I think I should just kill everyone to be safe.'

He's definitely not joking, and there's an uncomfortable silence as my friend and I realize this guy is crazy.

'Yeah man," I say, 'we're human, we just wanted to check out the place and drink some beer. We're gonna go ahead and move on now, we definitely don't want any trouble.'

He just stares in silence, so we leave him the last beer, carefully back up to the railing, jump down and walk away very quickly, constantly looking back over our shoulders. the entire time, he's just standing there, still and silent, watching us leave.

That place is still abandoned, 5 years later, and we've never been back. I'm not a believer in the supernatural, but humans can be deceptive and dangerous in ways you can't see coming."

The Glowing Eyes Of A Cat
The Glowing Eyes Of A Cat

"Walked about 3km into a storm drain once, and all of a sudden we saw a pair of glowing eyes staring at us in the distance. Then it made a noise, which was distorted by the acoustics of the drain and made us freak out. It was like a horror movie, we were very deep into the drain, and it was pitch black. We had no idea what it was and why it was down there. Anyway, I decided to approach it with caution, and it happened to be a small little white fluffball. A cat. It was soaking wet, skinny (probably hadn't eaten for days), and was shivering. I wrapped it up in a jumper and exited via a manhole. This manhole opened onto someone's driveway, directly opposite a local football match. A handful of people in the audience noticed us, 2 random teenagers popping out of a manhole with a soggy cat. The facial expressions of the police officers were priceless when we had to explain why we were trying to take a cat with us onto public transport"

When You Find Containers Full Of Weapons, You Should Leave Quickly
When You Find Containers Full Of Weapons, You Should Leave Quickly

"My friends who always go exploring told me about this time they were just following a trail that went into the hills, and after almost reaching the freeway, they ended up near an old closed up train tunnel.

They were able to squeeze through some loose fencing and after wandering through with nothing of interest, they eventually came to a bunch of shipping containers. They told me that when they glanced inside, they saw a ton of guns and ammo in one and just a ton of heavy boxes in the rest.

After a few minutes of checking it out, they heard voices from further down the tunnel coming closer so they got out of there. They also said it almost smelled like the ocean towards the end so the tunnel might have let out near the beach."

Deep Into A Cave, A Bizarre Secret Chamber
Deep Into A Cave, A Bizarre Secret Chamber

"This happened 8 years ago when I was a sophomore in high school.

My 'urbex' friends and I were on a bike ride looking for cool places to explore in a relatively dilapidated area when we discovered a really creepy cave (an old abandoned cement mine we later learned). We did some mild exploring that first day but quickly realized it would require more gear to thoroughly explore (flashlights, respirators, etc).

About a week later 5 of us came back with the proper gear and a camera to see what we could find in the mine. We discovered there was basically one main shaft that sloped downward and deeper into the earth so we followed that main route. It was wide enough for a car to drive down and was pretty well graded so the walking was easy. There were many rooms, old machinery, and rusting equipment off of this main shaft but we mostly avoided it in the beginning; we were trying not to get lost or confused.

Along the way the walls were littered with the classic abandoned graffiti: 'x was here,' swastikas, initials and dates, phallic drawings, etc. As we got deeper and deeper though the graffiti really thinned out. At this point, the light from the entrance was long gone and we were relying solely on flashlights. The air was so stagnant and hazy with particles that the light from our flimsy flashlights would only go 20 feet or so before getting totally obscured by dust (thank goodness for the respirators). The glow sticks we had brought to mark our way to prevent getting lost were also basically useless because they would disappear in the haze only a few steps after dropping them and we had only brought ten or so.

At this point, we started arguing among ourselves. Several of the crew was nervous about going any deeper with the air quality being so terrible and without a good way to prevent us from getting lost (we were probably a quarter mile into the earth now). The rest of us managed to override that sentiment of fear by assuring them that the path was easy and straightforward so we'd have to try to get lost. We were going to rely on our levelheadedness, sense of direction, and flashlight battery life to get out. Despite the agreement to push on it was becoming very creepy for everyone.

We walked for a while in silence, hearing nothing but our own movements and the steady drip of water coming from somewhere deep in the cave. I think we were all pretty scared at this point but no longer willing to admit it to each other. Then we stumbled across something that all made us stop cold.

Dug into the side of the deep stone shaft we were slowly descending was a tunnel - an offshoot. It was narrow, you'd have to crouch to go through it, and it was also a good few feet off the ground so it required a scramble to reach it. But that wasn't what made us stop. It was the graffiti. We hadn't seen any for 10 minutes or so and had assumed the 'artists' never came this deep. But someone else clearly had and the message they left was ominous. The tunnel was lined with words written in white, all of them somehow relating to death and destruction. Scrawled throughout the tunnel were words like 'Suffering,' 'Pain,' 'Plague,' 'Disease,' and 'Hell.'

It was pretty terrifying. Who else would come this far just to write such a terrible message in a mysterious tunnel that broke from the main path? But there was no turning back now, we had to see where the tunnel led to. Despite our fear, we were overpowered by intense curiosity. So one by one we crawled through the tunnel to the other side.

What we found was a strange flooded chamber. Around the pool of water were many large stones, each covered with dozens of burned out tea candles. There must've been hundreds of used tea candles in the place. The walls had a few creepy monster faces poorly graffitied on them and the tunnel entrance back to the main shaft was ringed with a spray-painted blood-stained mouth.

What was this place? Some weird ritual site for local Satan worshippers? An elaborate hoax set up by a bunch of kids? We couldn't find much evidence to figure it all out and we were running out of adrenaline to keep exploring. We all crawled out of that weird hell hole and back into the main shaft where we promptly headed towards the exit. When we finally saw that pin prick of natural life coming from the real word outside we were flooded with relief.

We never did figure out what that mysterious cavern was for and I think I'm content to leave it a mystery. No, we didn't hear any monsters in the depths of the tunnel or find any bloody Satan-praisers themselves but just finding that room, buried deep in an old forgotten mine, was enough to creep all of us out for a long time."

Old Mental Institutions Are Never Scary!
Old Mental Institutions Are Never Scary!

"There is an abandoned east coast insane asylum that I've often seen posted, both on Reddit as well as various other places around the internet. I personally have been there probably 10 or 15 times over the course of a decade, and each time I've found something new, as the complex is very spread out, and very massive. What I've never seen posted, nor even mentioned, however, is the maze of tunnels beneath the complex.

Connecting each building is a subterranean network of tunnels for steam, water, sewage, and electric. The tunnels are all roughly 10-15 feet underground, and quite long. They lead into the basement of each structure in a portion of the complex, with an emergency escape hatch that leads out into the woods between buildings in a portion. One weird thing is that most of the entrances to the tunnel system are hidden in the walls - I exited through a door once and found myself in a room that was the complex's post office, where I'd literally been 5 times before, and had never noticed that there was a hidden passage integrated into the wood paneling.

The complex has been abandoned for 20-30 years, so parts of the tunnels are very wet with leaking water. When you're down in them, you constantly hear the environmental noise, as well as echoes from your own movements. There is NOTHING reflective down there, and there are no outside sources of light. If you don't have a bright enough flashlight, it can get kind of difficult to make out features of things in the distance, and you're relying a lot upon the slight tonal differences of what you can see to determine what something is off in the distance before you're right up on it (go out on a moonless night, and shine an LED penlight against a concrete wall from like 15 feet away to get an idea what I'm talking about).

Now, for the terror:

First of all, I have a stupid habit of going into these place by myself. I've recently started correcting this, because you never know when an accident could happen, leaving you alone, underground, in the dark. The last time I was in the tunnels, I was by myself, with a single AA battery powered 75-100 Lumen LED flashlight (mistake number two). During this excursion, I decided to follow the tunnel down to what was the water treatment building for the complex. This tunnel slopes downward, so the leaking water previously mentioned runs down and collects at the tunnel's end. So, at the end of the tunnel, I enter this large room, with two 15 foot tall water storage tanks. There is probably an inch of water and muck on the floor, which makes a "schtuck" noise when you walk. I'm standing still, looking around with my flashlight, and from the opposite side of the room, around 20 feet away, I hear "schtuck"..."schtuck". There is someone else in this underground room with me.

I shine my flashlight across the room and don't see anything, but keep hearing the wet footprints. All of a sudden, I shine the light on this human shaped object that is just black. There's no difference in shading or anything, it's just like a shadow against the peach colored concrete wall. I stammer out a "Hello?" and all of a sudden, I can see this person's two eyes flash up, reflecting back my flashlight, but that's it. I don't know if the person was in a ghillie suit or what, but it's impossible to make out anything distinguishing. I don't know what kind of weirdo sets out in a full black get up to rummage around underground.

So, at this point, I flip out. I spin 180 degrees on my heels and BOLT. I'm flying up the inclined tunnel, slipping and sliding all over the place on the damp concrete. I fell a handful of times, sprained my wrist badly, and got a number of cuts on my one knee. That run through the underground tunnels felt like an eternity. If you've ever seen the 'subway scene' from the movie '28 weeks later' that's the closest thing I can approximate it to. It was the closest thing I've ever experienced to a living nightmare, I've never been so terrified in all my life.

Looking back, I'm sure whomever I met down there in the dark was probably as terrified as I was (unless they were crazy as hell). I have no reason to believe they followed me, and they probably ran back the way they came, same as I did. I noticed that they didn't have a flashlight on, so what I think probably happened is that they noticed my light, and pulled a hoody up over their head, turned their light off, and tried to hide as best they could.

Sorry if this got a little long and rambly, just wanted to share my part here. If there's a takeaway from this, it can be summed up in a single fantastic sentence:

"Don't enter strange underground tunnels, through hidden doors, beneath long abandoned and forgotten insane asylums, with a single tiny flashlight when you're by your lonesome.""

A First Date Leads To Explorer An Old Hotel Filled With Pests
A First Date Leads To Explorer An Old Hotel Filled With Pests

"I was in an old hotel built into a city block in the style of the 1920s with like storefronts, hotel, bar, rest, pools on multi-levels etc. it was a swanky place at one point.

I used to sneak in and explore the rooms and floors (like 15 I think).

So anyways I am on a date and we'd had a few drinks and I thought it would be cool to show her the hotel (it was next to a popular bar street in a college town and many people knew of it since it dominated the skyline).

We're up on the highest floor where I'd never been before--- I usually went to the 11th floor pool area because it was like being in an exclusive VIP area over the college Bar street but no one knew you were up was my favorite spot for a discreet smoke after drinking or getting some jimmy johns and chilling.

So anyway we're up on the top floor hoping to get onto the smallish top roof (imagine it's kind of a terraced mini-skyscraper) and we hear this really really unsettling noise coming from a room up's dark and late and we're waaaaaay back into this fallen down hotel.

The sound is like a thousand hushed whispers...but it wasn't just a sound it was a feeling. There was a beating sensation to the whole thing that was so decentralized it was unnerving to the extreme. Every animal instinct told me there was a huge Doom-style boss monster or maybe a full-scale Rave was crammed down into 1 hotel room where all the rolling ravers are frantically telling each other 'Shhhhhh!'

The girl is freaked out but she's braver than me she wants to go peek into the door. I wanted to bolt back to the fire escape and get the hell out but I wasn't going to show her I was scared so I followed her as she inched forward down the dark hallway.

When we reached the doorway there was a half-working emergency light that cast just enough light into the hotel room.... What I saw was a roiling mass of movement that kind of instantly triggered my gag reflex and I jumped back as if someone had punched me in the stomach. The room was full...and I mean FULL of pigeons. A broken window let them in and they made their perch there for the night...there must've been hundreds.

The girl screamed about the same time that I jumped and the pigeons took flight--- about half of them out the window and the other half into the tiny hallway of the top floor with us.

Wings and feathers and stinking birds hitting me in the head and shoulders like wet nerf footballs as we scrambled for the emergency exit and down the fire escape.

I married that girl and it turns out that was way more traumatic than the pigeon-room horror....but that's another story."

An Old Hotel Is Filled With Mean Geese
An Old Hotel Is Filled With Mean Geese

"There was an abandoned hotel I was checking out, gained access through a blown out window near the indoor pool. Smells like death inside, come to find a couple of bloated dead deer in the slime collected towards the deep end of the pool. That should have been my sign to go.

I make my way into the lobby and banquet areas, come across a couple of raccoons and squirrels who scurry away swiftly. Everything is destroyed, even the reception desk has been ripped in half. Nothing interesting to photograph, just trash. Neat little piles of trash.

After a bit of searching, I find the stairwell, there's an odd noise coming from above that I brush off as rain. I decide to skip a couple floors because they're probably in the same condition as the lobby - and a lot of the exterior windows had been blown out. I get to 4 and open the door, not worried about noise as I'm confident that I'm the only sober person on the premises of not the only person. As I pull the door open the rain noise suddenly ceases, completely. I point my flashlight down the hallway and see hundreds of geese poke their heads out of the guest rooms.

I remember the moment where nothing moved and we just stared at each other as lasting several minutes, though I'm sure it was about 10 seconds. Here I am, in the middle of the hall, Geese of Abandoned Luxury staring me down. Once the initial shock of the sight wears off I remember I'm only looking at half of the floor, behind me the geese aren't pulling a deer-in-the-headlights, they're coming towards me. Time to go.

I close the stairwell door behind me, only muffling the cacophony that erupted once I moved. As I hustle down the stairs I realize the signs were there: goose shit everywhere. I hit the lobby and turn towards the pool where a group of geese has collected as if they were trying to trap me. Luckily, they're just dumb birds. I got out to find the exterior of the hotel swarming with the fuckers. There was one lone sentinel standing on the roof, honking out a shrill command that the perimeter had been breached."

Grave Robbers Were There First
Grave Robbers Were There First

"I drove a friend who was doing genealogy research on his family tree to an old cemetery that had individual family mausoleums (granite, with bronze doors and stained glass windows) for those who could afford them "back in the day."

It had been decades since his family mausoleum door had been unlocked and opened, so the caretaker had a hard time with the skeleton key trying to make the lock work.

Finally, once we got inside, we discovered that a window on the backside (along the cemetery property line, back-to-back with a garage, so you couldn't easily see it) had been broken and vandals had entered through the rear.

Sadly, they had pried open the sealed lids on several marble vaults and removed some of the remains, along with rings that had been entombed with the bodies at the time.

A Scarecrow For  Sewer Explorers
A Scarecrow For Sewer Explorers

"Nothing big but I was once exploring a drainage tunnel with friends. We were pretty deep inside of it and turned a corner to see someone leaning against the wall with a hat on. It ended up being a sandbag someone dressed up but scared the shit out of me because it was pretty deep in there. There were pants and shoes and a jacket with a hat on it. I don't know what they did to make the jeans look like legs cause I didn't touch it or go back. A friend of mine went back and told me it was a sandbag and I was already done for the day."

A Walk Through The Woods Gets Creepy
A Walk Through The Woods Gets Creepy

"Not Urbex, 'rurex' I suppose you could call it.

I was working on a project for a photography project, and there's a massive forest up a mountain near where I live. Said forest contains an abandoned hospital that was shut down after an unexplained death.

So, it's a shitty day, weatherwise. I'm in the woods with a camera and a packed lunch, ready to go a-wandering.

After a few hours, I found a small camp, with some abandoned tools, including a massive bolt cutter. Someone had tried to destroy them in a fire, but that was a no-go. Maybe 2-300 meters away, I found a burned out car. Not an uncommon sight in the area, kids buy super-shitty, clapped out bangers and trash them up there. Not far away, about running distance, I found a pair of women's jeans. And a little bit further away from that, maybe 5 meters or so, there was a pair of underwear, hanging off a low branch. They'd clearly been there for a while, I'm not sure how long underwear would last exposed to Irish weather, and these were right out in the open, but a few weeks maybe?

Pretty creepy, finding all that, all alone in the woods. I flipped through the local news for anything on any break-ins or assaults or anything suspicious, and couldn't find anything that had happened recently."

The Darkest Of Parking Garages
The Darkest Of Parking Garages

"Last winter I went into this abandoned parking lot under a closed shopping mall. It had two levels. The upper level had a bit of sunlight going in through the windows, but the lower level was pitch black. I made my way down this wide ramp that the cars would use and I decided to have a look at the bottom level. After turning my flashlight on I noticed that the space was huge, much bigger than the upper level.

I remember how the light danced through the many supporting pillars and cast vivid shadows. I said "Hello" and "I'm just taking a look around" just to make my intentions clear, but was met with no response. So I decided to walk around for a bit, but couldn't see anything of interest, just a lot of junk, some empty old bottles, but nothing that might indicate someone living or hanging around there. The place seemed completely abandoned, however this uneasy feeling that someone might be hiding in the pitch black shadow of one of those pillars took the better of me and I climbed back up the ramp.

I left taking a different route and passed under an overhead clearing that snow had fallen through. Just as I was about to hop the fence and leave I noticed that the patch of snow that had formed had footprints in it.

I know this doesn't really sound horrifying when you read it, as the logical explanation was that some poor chap had probably taken shelter from the cold inside the lot. But still, being there creeped the hell out of me."

Smart To Heed The Warning
Smart To Heed The Warning

"I was exploring a certain abandoned mill near a large city on the coast with a friend. We snuck in, messed around a bit, and realized that we only had one flashlight. Took turns, weird noises, dark inside because there's no power, evidence of homeless occupation and empty needles. Real horror game material.

We come up the stairway and turn a corner- ahead is a walkway bridge, aka the way to the rest of the building. To the right is a pitch-black room that doesn't feel very nice. As we walk towards the bridge, the flashlight picks out a sign that says TO: HELL and points towards this dark room.

We didn't go in. Didn't feel right."

A Bird Is Scarier Than Anything Else
A Bird Is Scarier Than Anything Else

"My friends and I used to explore this old factory/processing plant (no idea what it was originally). Anyway, it had lots of underground sections which were pitch black even a couple of meters from the entrance, but which also required going down a flight of stairs.

One time we found a burned out car 2-3 levels down - no idea how it got in there, but that was kinda creepy.

Another time we found a hole, we didn't bring torches (flashlights) with us because we're idiots, but we had lighters and were trying to figure out what the hole was or if it could lead anywhere... we put a stick in there and it ended up being at least 6 feet deep, but we also learned that it was full of some liquid and if we had fallen in could have easily drowned in the dark.

Another time we went a couple of levels down and one of us at the bottom started screaming shrieks of absolute terror and the rest of us thought we were all going to be murdered. We all started running, everyone was screaming at this point, there was this sludgy stuff on the ground and some of us slipped and fell just like in a god damn horror movie - slipping and sliding, our limbs out of control... again, there are 6+ people screaming bloody murder with absolute fear and terror on their faces so we all thought we were going to get murdered...

Turned out a bird had made a nest down there and my sister got spooked and my friend screamed like a girl."

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