A Wild Pig Appears!
A Wild Pig Appears!

"One day I was driving down 64 E between Richmond and Norfolk, VA on a Sunday. I had specifically chosen a time to avoid most traffic when all of a sudden I hit some crawling traffic. I get really angry because I hate traffic.

I'm stewing in my car, getting angrier and angrier when I start seeing this thing moving down the side of the road up ahead. As this thing gets closer and closer I see that it's a wild pig just trotting along the side of the road, and close behind is a police SUV going in the reverse with a couple of cops hanging out the back trying to catch this pig.

Never have I gone from so angry, to so happy in my life."

Angry Over Someone Else's Accident?

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Angry Over Someone Else's Accident?

"A car accident happened right in front of me, in the middle of an intersection. Of course, I slammed on my breaks to avoid adding to it. As I did that the light turned red so it gave time for the 2 cars to clear out of the intersection and only one lane was now glass free. I was communicating with the car next to me for them to go ahead of me because of the glass when a guy approached my window. I was in the right lane.

The car behind me was not happy I stopped so he proceeded to scream at me about how my license should be taken away. Asking me what is wrong with me. So being the smart-alec that I am, answered, 'What's wrong with me? I'm not the lunatic screaming at someone on the side of the road because they wouldn't run their car into another one.' This made him even angrier. Thankfully other cars saw all of this and another guy rolled his window down and screamed something along the lines of, 'leave her alone or you'll be dealing with me,' emphasizing I was a woman being screamed at by a much older man. I was 24 at the time and this guy screaming at me had to be at least 60.

He stomps back to his car and proceeds to drive over the curb onto the grass to turn right. The person next to me looks shocked like, 'Did I really just witness that?' During this time the light has turned green and we proceed with our original plan of filing through the intersection one car at a time to avoid the accident and broken glass.

The oddest encounter I've ever had with another driver."

The Llama Lady...
The Llama Lady...

"I was about 8 years old when this happened...

So we were stopped in a long line of cars waiting for a drawbridge when this weird-looking lady came up to our car and tapped on the window. I don't know why dad opened it because under any other circumstances this wouldn't have the same ending.

It turned out that she was not a beggar, but the owner of a small traveling petting zoo. She was walking through traffic knocking on the windows of the cars with children inside because she figured they'd rather see some llamas than sit in the car waiting for a giant boat. And she was right!"

Winnebago Van On Fire!
Winnebago Van On Fire!

"So, anyone driving through West Virginia knows that occasionally you see some weird stuff. I've seen black bears, mountain lions...Someone with a stuffed bucks head mounted as a hood ornament on their truck.. You know...the usual.

My first year of college I was driving back up north via I-19 through Beckley and Summersville with a friend of mine. We took separate cars cause she was going as far north as Buckhannon and I was headed into Pennsylvania.

Shortly before arriving in Summersville, traffic was backed up for miles with no visible explanation. My friend was a little bit ahead of me, so I called her cell phone and asked her if she could see what was going on. She couldn't. Not yet at least.

About a half an hour later, we came upon the source of the traffic. A Winnebago was in the median on fire. And I don't mean little engine fire. The whole thing was ablaze.

No cops. No firetrucks. Just a burning Winnebago.

We both made it to our destinations eventually. But it was definitely something interesting... albeit strange and mildly frightening to see.

About a week later, I was on my way back down south a few days early. Upon passing through that same stretch of highway, I noticed the same Winnebago, just where I was when I'd passed it the first time. Resting in exactly the same spot, there it was -- scorched to pieces.

The best part: this charcoal brick of what was once a vehicle had at least two or three dozen parking tickets on it."

Witnessing An Altercation Between Drivers


Witnessing An Altercation Between Drivers

"Ahead of me was a tiny Volkswagen Beetle, that rolled backward very slowly. This was in bumper-to-bumper, complete dead-stop traffic on the freeway. The car behind the Beetle (a very nice, brand new fancy car) was honking its horn trying to get the Beetle driver's attention.

After a hilarious 10-second fiasco of this dude honking his horn and swearing, the tiny Beetle boop'ed into the front of the fancy car (at around 2 mph).

The driver of the fancy car got out. This skinny kid who looks like his parents bought him that car. Swearing loudly as he walks toward the Beetle driver's door. 'YOU HIT MY FREAKING CAR YOU FREAKING TERRIBLE PIECE OF TRASH!' etc... The driver-side Beetle door opens and out steps this huge black guy with arms bigger than tree-trunks. (Imagine Deebo from 'Friday').

IMMEDIATELY, the fancy driver backs off and is like, 'Doesn't look like there's any not a big deal! Later dude!'

He Never Saw His Phone Again!
He Never Saw His Phone Again!

"I saw a man accidentally throw his cell phone off a bridge into the river below.

I was on my way home from class and this family was walking along the bridge I was stuck in traffic on. The family stopped for a photo op and I was casually observing as the father of the family stepped back to get everyone in the frame of his smartphone camera. He was stepping toward the edge of the sidewalk which was a steep drop.

He stepped, was tripped up but quickly caught himself and prevented his fall, but in the process, he let go of his phone and it was airborne.

As it falls to the ground he makes a final effort to scoop it up with a quick swing of his arm. He makes contact but fails to grab it and it sails clean over the family posing for the picture and into the river.

I didn't know how to feel."

Happy Fourth Of July On The 405
Happy Fourth Of July On The 405

"It was July 4th weekend of this year (2017) actually. I was stuck in traffic on the devil we call the 405 and obviously not moving because some jerk couldn't handle driving.

Anyways, two SUVs are in two lanes next to each other. They're both blasting loud music. One SUV was full of dudes who look like bikers with their Harley Davidson t-shirts. The other SUV was full of white girls with fake boobs, fake tan, and fake nails. I think you get the idea.

Anyways, one girl jumps out of the passenger seat and runs over to the guy's passenger seat. Grabs his face and makes out with him. He opens the door comes out and starts humping her in the middle of the freeway.

He pulls her skirt up and these two are literally going at it.

Then traffic started moving and they jump back into their cars and drove off in different directions."

Woman Eating Her Steering Wheel...
Woman Eating Her Steering Wheel...

"I was waiting to turn left off of a busy street onto a small side street. The side street is soon after a lighted intersection and even though there are three signs people constantly block the side street. This infuriates me because it's the quickest way to get home and all they have to do is stop one car length back, not much gets me mad with driving except this one intersection.

Once way back when I was still learning to drive my dad and I were stopped waiting, because this woman was blocking the side street. Then all of the sudden she leaned over and licked her steering wheel like an ice cream cone, then wrapped her mouth around the wheel like she was gnawing on it. All while her eyes were blank looking up at the light like a normal person just waiting but sucking on her steering wheel.

Because of where our cars were if both windows were open we could have high-fived. She never noticed us staring at her with mouths on the floor."

Boat On The Side Of The Road?

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Boat On The Side Of The Road?

"I was driving home from work on a busy freeway until I see traffic ahead. Being unable to see the source, I just decide to deal with it and ride it out until I see that the traffic was the result of traffic cones closing the freeway one lane at a time from the right. As I saw the traffic cones, I was kind of aggravated to see so much freeway not being used, while the rest of us were squishing from 5 lanes to 4, to 3, to 2 etc.

This goes on for about 10 miles until we finally reach a single lane of traffic, and next to us, 4 lanes of the unused open freeway, separated by mere traffic cones. I thought to myself, 'there better be an amazing excuse for this nonsense' and lo and behold, there is a freaking boat lying on its side on the freeway.

Apparently, the boat owners didn't hitch the boat into the trailer thing correctly and it fell off while on the freeway, causing it to hit other cars and essentially beach itself on the highway. I wasn't even mad. I expected something amazing and I was not disappointed."

Two Kangaroos Go On An American Road Trip...
Two Kangaroos Go On An American Road Trip...

"I live in Michigan. We were driving through town one evening when I looked over at the car in the next lane and there were two sizable kangaroos -- not wallabies, kangaroos -- in the back of the Subaru outback next to us.

We stuck close to them all through town and it was fun to see motorist after motorist do a double-take as the driver passed.

I posted a photo on Facebook expressing mystification and one of my friends immediately replied: 'Oh, that's Tulip and Maybelline.'

So they're known around town by name, apparently.

As it turns out they were part of an animal conservation outreach program on their way to some special event. A volunteer was driving them. I like to think she was chosen because of her car."

The Oncoming Traffic On The Expressway
The Oncoming Traffic On The Expressway

"So, for those of you familiar with the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto, I'm chugging along that, westbound, in the morning. Heavy traffic so we're chugging along.

To my left, on the other side of the divider in the oncoming traffic, a freaking flatbed truck flies by, grinding along the central freaking divider full Tony Hawk style, sending these vertical metal 'cards' that were positioned along the divider every 10-20cm flying all over our road.

Not only did I come extremely close to getting demolished by that truck (it was on a curve and the momentum was starting to push it up and over to my side), but those freaking metal cards were irregularly shaped and were a huge tire popping hazard after we all had to get the heck out of there.

In addition to being absolutely frightening, was also very weird. It was like somebody modded Skate and replaced the player with a truck."

She Called A Dispatcher About Someone Hurting Their Child!

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She Called A Dispatcher About Someone Hurting Their Child!

"I once saw someone reaching around from the driver seat, beating their kid in the back seat while driving down a busy city road. They were swerving and kept slowing down and speeding up. Meanwhile, I was the one who was stuck behind them.

I laid on the horn and they stopped beating the kid but would not keep a consistent speed (I'm talking going 50mh then slowing down to 10mh then taking off again).

When I was finally able to pass they kept swerving in front of me (on purpose). I honked again several times and they pretty much slowed to a stop then held up a gun I finally passed them and pointed a finger gun at them then went on my way... I had been talking to a dispatcher on the phone, since I saw them beating their kid anyway."

Close To Hitting His Mirror...
Close To Hitting His Mirror...

"I was driving home from work one day and hit an intersection.

On the right side of said intersection, there is a yield and right turn only lane. They have to stop for my side when the light changes.

So I go through the light and see an old man not slowing down through the yield. I keep going and sure enough, we both have to slam on our breaks. His truck is maybe three inches from my passenger side mirror and he's just giving me a dirty look.

Without thinking I yelled at him 'What are you doing?' He calmly and nonchalantly looked back at me and said, 'Driving.'

My jaw straight up hit the floor and I pulled away. I was straight dumbfounded for about two hours after that."

Icelandic Hooded Seal Had To Be Rescued!
Icelandic Hooded Seal Had To Be Rescued!

"I was a passenger in a car driven by my brother and we were on our way from Reykjavik (Iceland) to visit family in the northern part of the country.

At the northern end of the road through the town of Borgarnes (about an hour north of Reykjavik) there is a roundabout and as we were slowing down to enter the roundabout I spotted a group of men by the side of the road. They were armed with sticks that they were trying to use to field off what looked like a large hooded seal. It wasn't having any of it and reared up with its head bladder fully inflated and was weaving from side to side.

As we got out of the roundabout I looked at my brother and said to him, 'Did you see that? Wasn't that a hooded seal?' and he said, 'Yup, I think it was.' We agreed we couldn't both have been hallucinating, and later that day the radio news confirmed that a full-grown male hooded seal had indeed swum up from the sea and made its way up a drainage ditch and nearly reached the highway. The police and rescue team members had been able to turn it around back down the ditch and out to sea, where it swam off.

For the record, hooded seals are found in the sea around Iceland, but are rarely seen on land because they prefer to lounge on pack ice."

Interactions With Strangers Walking On The Roads
Interactions With Strangers Walking On The Roads

"I've seen plenty of weird stuff while in traffic:

-I was stopped attempting to make a left turn in the yellow median of the road, a bus had just stopped at a bus stop and this dude running across the road ran straight into the side of my car, got right back up and managed to get on the bus before it left.

-While I was on the highway I ended up in stop and go traffic in my lane, so I switched over lanes and sped up (going around 90km/h). I end up seeing that there's a crash in the lane I was in (someone got rear ended) and the next thing I know there's this middle Eastern dude running right in front of my car. I had to activate my ABS just to avoid hitting him and we just stared at each other for about 30 seconds before he kept running.

-A man asking for money on the off ramp in my area got angry with me for ignoring him and attempted to reach into my car, I rolled the window up on his arm by mistake because I panicked, opened it to the point where he could pull it out, then took off."

A Motorcyclist's Way Of Flirting?
A Motorcyclist's Way Of Flirting?

"This wasn't necessarily in traffic, but at a red light.

I once observed at once the most macho and the most respectful flirtation I've ever seen.

A young man on a sleek motorcycle, very fit and very lithe in his matching riding leathers and black helmet, pulls up at the light.

Glancing to his right, he notices a comely young woman in scrubs smoking on the corner. He lifts his visor and blows her a kiss. Emboldened by her surprised smile, he twists, at once showing off a hint of skin at his waist and offering her a seat on the back of his bike. Her smile turns wry, she shakes her head and mouths, 'No, thanks.'

He makes a gesture at the front of his helmet that somehow perfectly suggests that if it were a hat with a brim, he'd be tipping it to her in acceptance and farewell. She nods back, not without a touch of regret. A second later, the light turns; he flicks the visor closed, revs up his engine, and speeds off, popping a wheelie as if his horse is rearing as he rides up the hill into the sunset."

The Things He Saw In China
The Things He Saw In China

"I lived in China for a summer. So many stories on the bus to and from the factory-town I was working in, to the main city.

Chinese buses are generally packed to the brim with people. I was standing a foot in front of a young couple with a toddler. The kid started crying in the dad's arms and without a word, the dad pulls out a grocery bag, lifts the kid's legs, and puts the bag under him. This 2-year-old looked me dead in the eye and dropped a deuce right there in the bus.

Story #2

There was a military base up the road from my factory-town. I was waiting for a bus to the main city when a caravan of soldiers, tanks, and military vehicles rolled through. The bus pulled up, I got on, and then the bus proceeded to MERGE INTO THE MILITARY CARAVAN. We were driving among trucks full of soldiers, with a tank ahead of us. They were on their way to a routine military drill, but man, I really had no idea where I was going to end up that day."

Driver Stuck Her Feet Out The Window...


Driver Stuck Her Feet Out The Window...

"I was driving on the highway when I saw some person in a maroon Mitsubishi Eclipse changing lanes a bunch and flew past me.

She ran into some traffic up ahead and got boxed in so I was able to catch up.

The driver then puts BOTH feet out of the driver side window, like how a passenger would put their feet up on the dash, except her feet were crossed resting on the door near the rear view mirror. Cruise control I guess.

I sped up to get away from that car since there is no way it would be able to use the breaks anytime soon."

Fighting Over Bread?
Fighting Over Bread?

"I was sitting at a red light at an intersection. It was early morning, and there was little to no cross traffic, so the intersection was clear.

Out of nowhere, a chunk of bread falls out of the sky. It was a big chunk, too. Like 1/3 of a loaf of bread your mother would make, where it looks like 3 huge buns. Anyway, this seagull comes down from the sky, straight down, like it was floating down on a mild headwind. Once it settles down, a second seagull does the same thing, opposite the bread, and facing the first seagull.

It was like watching two characters load in the weirdest fighting video game ever. They started to fight over the bread, but then the light was green and I was back on my way to work."

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